Our team loved hosting our first annual Holiday Celebration yesterday!

The children had fun participating in decorating stockings, playing games, gift-giving, and enjoying the Holiday Spirit!

The kids had a great time working on their social skills enjoying the day and making friends with other children!

Our events are more than just fun; they provide an opportunity for immediate interventions for the children. When the children became frustrated, upset, or needed some strategies for a certain activity, our team of therapists was there to guide them one on one immediately.

Stocking Decorating

As always, we dedicated time to arts and crafts. Creating art breaks down barriers that often exist in face-to-face communication. While children focus on their artwork they feel free to share their feelings. Art expression is an opportunity for success and achievement, which often builds confidence and self-esteem.

Our entire team agrees that the most fulfilling part of our events is seeing the children experience new things. Keep an eye on our calendar for our next event!

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