Kathy’s 7 Tips for Mental Fitness

While physical fitness gets lots of attention, mental fitness is often neglected. Maintaining a healthy and strong mind can be made easy with these 7 simple steps: 1. Eat “Smart” Choose “brain-power” foods, like fruits, vegetables, and oily fish. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish such as salmon and mackerel are reported to enhance brain […]

Mental Health Resolutions for the New Year

Chances are you have a list of goals laid out for 2021 already. Many focus on fitness, finances, new hobbies, and relationships, but rarely is our mental health given the same attention. A new study from the University of Cambridge suggests everyone should get their mental health checked as often as they have an annual physical. Unfortunately, […]

How to Support your Child’s Mental Health During Protests and a Pandemic

The COVID-19 has been an extremely challenging time for all of us, especially children. In response to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, children may be struggling with feelings of fear anxiety and isolation. Parents need to check their children for behavior changes and signs of distress. Some of the warning signs may include: Boredom […]